10 tricks to improve Google searches

Do your Google searches not always offer good results? You may not know that by applying a few basic tricks, you can improve performance and optimize your results. Do you want to meet them? Stay with us! Editor Rock Content May 22, 19 | 6 min read how-to-search-in-google Doing searches on Google has become a practically daily chore. It is common for us to use it to clear up doubts related to work, find restaurants, search for entertainment options. But sometimes our friend does not give such accurate results. And what to do when that happens? We discovered that doing effective searches depends on the terms and the way we search .


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Get the most out of this search engine . You must keep reading! “Like a pro”: More effective results on Google It is possible to improve Google searches using specific business opportunity mailing lists words and symbols. For example, the search engine ignores scores that do not belong to one of the search operators. When typing, it is essential that you do not add a space between the term and the following symbol or word . This seems like a small detail, right? But is not. Even that can be the difference between a successful search and another unsuccessful one. Take a look at the following: Search on a specific site Sometimes, we want to search for information on a subject on a certain site.

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For That We Use Site in the Search Engine We Place Like This:

Site: sitiodebusqueda and, voila! Google will search for content internal to the site. Search for related sites If you want to find addresses similar to a specific site you will need to use the word “related”. In Google you have to write in the following way: related: specific site . details about a site To find information such as the title and description of a specific site, use “info”, like this: info:sitespecific . Cache version of a site You may need to view information located on a site that is down or experiencing technical issues. In this case write: cache:sitespecific . Google will show the latest version of the site before it was inaccessible.

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