3 Instagram Hashtag Tools Your Business Should Be Using

Written  by sifat islam

Hashtags help to boost your Instagram posts’ visibility. But you can’t just use random hashtags – your hashtags must be relevant to your post and your target audience.

If you overuse popular hashtags, your posts appear spammy and may potentially be taken down by Instagram. That is why you need to do some research before using hashtags. However, it can be time-consuming and tedious.

This is where Instagram hashtag tools come in.


Why You Need Instagram Hashtag Tools

Improve post visibility

With the right and relevant hashtags, your posts can reach a more relevant target audience.

Hashtags tools can help you get the best and relevant hashtags related to your posts. That way you can discover new and high-performance hashtags you didn’t know about.

Screen out spam hashtags that affects post performance

Spammy hashtags, which are popular hashtags that have been used many times for irrelevant posts that they are now considered spam, can affect your post performance. Instagram algorithms already recognise overused hashtags as spam and might not show your posts to your audience.

The worst part is you won’t know which hashtags are spams. Hashtags tools screen out spammy hashtags from the lists so you don’t have to worry.

Saves time and stress

You have to carry out research to get top relevant hashtags about your posts. Of course, you may not even discover all the relevant keywords.

Hashtag tools save you the time and stress of manually looking for hashtags. Within minutes, you can get a list of hashtags to use.

Measure hashtag performance

Apart from giving you hashtags to use, these tools also help to measure and track the performance of a hashtag. For better results, you’d want to go for the highest performing hashtags.

If you have a branded hashtag and you’d like to track its performance, hashtag tools can also help you with that.

Instagram Hashtag Tools

Display Purpose


If you’re looking for a simple and basic hashtag generator, Display Purpose is perfect for you. All you only need to do is type a hashtag or 2 hashtags into the search box. The tool then suggests a list of relevant keywords.

The tool helps you to filter out banned and spammy keywords. So, you’re sure the hashtags suggestions are relevant and valuable.


The tool is free.

How to Use the Tool

The tool is straightforward to use; just type in a few hashtags in the box. The tool then generates a list of hashtags for you.


To check the keywords’ relevance to your hashtag post, change the tag selection to Manual. Then hover around the keywords; it will show the relevance and popularity in percentage.


The tool also displays other metrics like the most used hashtags around an area as well as common hashtags used with your keywords. To activate it, click on the graph icon.



  • It is simple and straightforward to use
  • The tool is free
  • You can check the relevance and popularity of hashtags
  • It saves time; you can generate a list of relevant hashtags within minutes


  • It’s only available for use on the website
  • Limited analytics functions



Keyhole is tailored towards helping you get results from your campaign by using the right hashtags. The tool is built with Machine-Learning prediction features so you can accurately track your hashtags’ performance.

If you’re using a branded hashtag, the tool can also help you calculate the impact of that hashtag. Furthermore, if you’re using influencer marketing, Keyhole can also help measure the impact of your influencers on your hashtag.


There are 2 pricing plans available. The Standard plan is priced at $79/month, billed once annually or at $99/month. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan offers more features at a custom pricing.

How to Use the Tool

To get started, you’ve to create an account. You can start Switzerland Phone Number List with a free trial to test the features. You don’t need your card information to sign up, just your email. Your dashboard should look like this:


When signing up, you can add your brand keyword. From your dashboard, you get access to view all information related to that hashtag, from the most relevant to the most engaging. You get real-time analytics about the hashtag performance, including brands that mentioned the keywords.

The sentiment score measures how people feel about the hashtag – positive, neutral, or negative. The location feature shows the part of the world it is most relevant


The tag allows you to create a different version of the keyword and see their performance. The influencer tag, on the other hand, lets you track and manage your influencers’ tags. Apart from that, you can download reports in both pdf and excel format.



  • Allows you to track your branded hashtags performance
  • The influencer management feature is a great way to see how well your influencer marketing is performing
  • Detailed analytics like locations allows you to see where your hashtag generates the most buzz. Sentiments let you monitor how people feel about your hashtag or brand.


  • The pricing is relatively expensive
  • No free version available
  • The tool might be confusing to use at first



Shortstack is designed to help run and manage social contests that can increase your brand’s visibility. With the platform, you can run hashtags, retweet, and comment to enter contests with hashtags.

Track your hashtags, identify the high-profile users using the hashtags, and you can also select winners with its random entry selector.


There are 3 pricing plans available, ranging from $99 to $499 per month.

There is also a free trial account available. However, you need to be on a paid plan to run a hashtag contest.

How to Use the Tool

To start using the tool, you only need your email address. You can decide to start with the free trial version or start with the paid versions immediately. From your dashboard, you can create your campaign/contest.

There are templates available to help you design your campaign page/landing page. If you don’t want to do that yourself, there is an option to hire a Shortstack team to help you.


Your Hashtag Feed is where you’ll handle all your entries into your contest. Here you can sort your entries and track the hashtag’s performance. You can also use the Random Entry Selector to pick winners.



  • Shortstack makes it easy to run hashtags contest
  • The tool is easy to use
  • With the random entry selector, you can easily select winners for your contest.
  • You can also track your hashtag performance.


  • It’s expensive


If you’re looking for a way to improve post visibility, hashtags can help a lot. While it is a lot of work to get relevant hashtags manually, instagram hashtag tools can lighten the load.

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