3 things I learned about content marketing from robots and drones

You might be wondering what content marketers can learn from 170,000 engineers and product specialists operating drones and robots. I asked myself the same question. Then I discovered cspace at the consumer electronics show and realized the powerful impact technology has on content strategy, creation and delivery. I walked away with three key points opportunities, actually to keep in mind for the coming year. 1. Tech than content innovation with gartner predicting over 500 smart objects will be connected to smart households by 2022, there is certainly no shortage of technology in our everyday lives. But consumers are often making slim choices when it comes to the genuine premium content they consume on these devices to take full advantage of 4k, ultra hd, 4g and other whizbang features. Email protected inc predicts over 500 smart objects connected to smart.

Tech innovation is moving faster

Households via amandavasil by 2022 click to tweet what Portugal Phone Number List gadget am I talking about virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartwatches, to name a few. While the hardware is consumer playable as evidenced by the nearly 4,000 exhibitors at ces, one of the biggest user complaints is that the software applications and overall experience are still left to be desired. Is not this presents a great opportunity for content marketers. But it requires us to think a little differently and a little bigger. Yes, we still need traditional longform and shortform content to fit existing media. But when asked what brands like best buy, nbc universal, and cocacola keep at night, the answer is to unlock the secret to creating the perfect omnichannel user experience.

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They don’t always come if you build it

Necessarily talking about their enewsletter or blog. Catching CE Leads up with 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions and 1 billion tablets is just the beginning. How can you apply the basics of audience segmentation and message hierarchy to create the type of content that is not only meaningful, but works well on more complex devices and reaches a more techsavvy audience is it okay there are two answers, and both components require humans. Content marketers will undoubtedly be the leaders in this revolution. But you have to trust the basics of content marketing, applied in new and unfamiliar ways, and make comfortable leading strategies in uncharted territory. Youll also need to check your ego at the door and diversify your team with new combinations of experience and skills such as coding, analytics, and even industrial design. Conclusion experiment smartly and have the confidence to lead in areas where.

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