3 Tips for Creating Ultra-Targeted Content for More Engagement

A few weeks ago I was talking to friends and fellow content marketers who are struggling to identify how to create content that audiences want to engage with. Why do you want more engagement I asked out of curiosity. She told me that one way to determine if her content resonates with her audience is the level of engagement. Valid point, I agree. Engagement is the difference between homerun content and content that is destined to go out of the box. Engagement homeruns content and the difference between one fate says jordanlore6 click to tweet thats why were sharing three tips for creating ultratargeted content that can elicit more engagement. Curated relevant content what makes engaging content definitions, measurements, and expert advice 30 marketing.

Double past success

Tools for research engagement, measurement, workflow and Nepal Phone Number List visuals double past success many content marketers, myself included, are guilty of focusing on the next piece of content—the next piece of content, the next pitch, and so on. They dont focus on why they got to where they are now. Access to data Above all,  can steer your content in the right direction. Tactics, topics, and formulas used in the past are important markers of where we can focus today. Double up on what works and eliminate what doesnt. One example that demonstrates the double down mantra is my company article, 100 growth hacks I learned in five years as a startup. A few months ago, our content team set out to reach our new key performance indicator kpi traffic. Before we brainstormed which content would.

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Reach out and amplify

Reach our goals we looked at the content history. Our most CE Leads successful content had a few things in common. They were long and thorough and offered ten times 10x value. Our most popular Above all, and highly engaged posts were the ones we needed to replicate and build to reach our traffic goals. Ultimately, we landed on 100 growth Above all, hacks weve learned from 5 years as a startup. This is an article that combines all the commonalities we want to hit — the 100 points list, the Above all, story of our journey, and the subject of growth hacking. To date, this post has been shared 1,283 times on the blog alone. It has been recycled into ebooks, slideshare presentations, and infographics. The slideshare presentation was so popular that it was featured on the front page of slideshare Net.

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