3 Tips for More Accurately Measuring Your Content Efforts

Many people dive into content marketing because they were inspired by all the success stories and case studies they read. You know what I’m talking about, content marketing for content marketing. But while content marketing sounds easy, measuring its success can actually be difficult. Customer journey mapping, attribution modelling, and segmentation help improve and more accurately measure your content marketing efforts. Curated relevant content 30+ marketing tools for research, engagement, measurement, workflow and visuals Use to identify and document your content goals before getting into the more technical aspects of measuring content, it’s most important to create clear goals for benchmarking purposes. Without a measurement system, you can’t make data-driven decisions. It’s just not good. According to jacob warwick, without a measurement.

Use customer journey mapping

System you can’t make data-driven decisions. Click to tweet to Ghana Phone Number List identify your content goals, use a process called customer journey mapping. Customer journey mapping is a technique that helps you better understand your customer’s experience through interactions and touchpoints with your brand, wherever they are in the lead cycle. It also aligns content efforts with personas and identifies gaps and optimization opportunities within content. First, document the five stages of the customer journey: awareness, interest, evaluation, decision, and retention. Using Microsoft Excel or google sheets is sufficient. Documentation – customer journey image source blast analytics and marketing customer journey mapping next, create goals and key performance indicators (kpis) for each stage. For example, your overall goal might be to increase leads by 15% or whitepaper downloads.

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Apply attribution modeling

Regardless each stage of the customer journey can CE Leads drive these goals and you need kpis to keep you on track. To get started, consider tracking the following kpis. Awareness – keyword rankings, impressions, and overall search visibility interests – webinar registrations, whitepaper downloads, and marketing qualified leads evaluations – quote requests, demos, and sales qualified leads decision – conversions and total customers retention – sharing, commenting, updating subscriptions and social community engagement tracking-kpis image source blast analytics and marketing an example of what to build on a customer journey map in google sheets after documenting your goals and kpis, audit your current content and assign it to the appropriate customer journey stage. This allows you to identify gaps in your content coverage while creating stronger, more realistic goals.

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