3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content

All things being equal content that produces results over the long term takes precedence over short-lived content. But time is a tricky thing in content marketing. With 9,100 tweets scrolling per second, the average lifetime of a single tweet is no more than 18 minutes. Twitter is our live radio broadcast and facebook is our live tv. Content doesn’t stick there, but gets washed away by the next update as soon as you hit publish. With 9,100 tweets scrolling per second, the average lifespan of tweets is less than 18 minutes via moz. Click to tweet if you want to save your content from the sad fate of being forgotten and dying shortly after posting, leverage these three techniques to extend your content’s lifespan from 18 minutes to forever. Curated relevant content 4 tips.

Amplifies the organic matter

Building social momentum doubles the life of your content by Egypt Phone Number List sharing it multiple times no matter what objective you are pursuing (engagement, followers, traffic, leads, or even revenue), it involves getting your target audience to read your content. Yet, when we distribute content on social media, we find that almost no one sees it. And this makes sense. Most people don’t spend all day on facebook or twitter looking for something to read. When you distribute your content on social media, almost no one will know it says juliegtr. Click to tweet using email is not a foolproof technique for making sure your content is shown to the right people. If you include 3 blog posts per newsletter and your overall click-through rate is as high as 15%, then one of your blog posts is probably only seeing 5% of your subscribers. Meaning 95% didn’t see it. That’s a lot of people who missed that content.

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Use Predictive Insights to Extend Lifespan

Senior director of online marketing at stone temple CE Leads consulting, shared the same content over and over again over the course of several weeks. As he reports, “Each share after the ‘hit’ generated more than half the traffic of the original share. This is the traffic you didn’t get if you shared it just once. ” stone-temple-consulting source stone temple consulting.

Why don’t marketers share content multiple times some want to focus on the “next thing”. Others claim they don’t want to spam their audience. But if you do it wisely (IE. Don’t publish the same content 3 times in a row on the same account), you’ll reach new segments of your audience. Besides, if your content is good, no one will blame you for promoting it over and over again If your content is good.

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