4 Reasons to Use Memes in your Marketing

Memes have become a unit of cultural currency in the digital age and can  found across all social media platforms. They are humorous pieces of content, often featuring an image and text, intended for quick consumption. But can you use memes for marketing? This article looks at what memes are, how you can use memes for marketing, and what to watch out for if you do try out this strategy.


What are memes?

The evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” in his 1976 book, The Selfish Gene. The word is a combination of the Greek “mimeme” (something imitated) and “gene”, pronounced to rhyme with “cream”.

In addition, In Dawkins’ definition, memes are contained in how, “our ideas, ideals, cultures, and customs replicate themselves. Almost like a virus, they travel from person to person through imitation, sharing, and repetition.”

Dawkins proposed that memes are found in the animal kingdom too, suggesting that they have some evolutionary benefit. We are all wired to pass on the memes that serve a purpose. The memes that are not worth sharing quickly die out. A University of Vermont study even found that contagious diseases follow Bahamas Phone Number similar transmission patterns to internet memes.

In addition, The social networks of today are perfect for transmitting these cultural genes. If a post strikes a chord with the audience, it can go global almost instantly. The most successful memes tend to capture a moment, a thought, or feeling in a visual, social media-friendly format.

In addition, This timeliness does not have to exist within the original meme; it can  added by the user, through new text, or by using it in a new context. Take the classic “distracted boyfriend”, for example. You can’t claim to have never seen this image – which first appeared online in 2015 – used in some form.

Moreover, Richard Dawkins has confirmed in an interview with Wired that internet memes are similar to what he envisioned, saying, “It’s anything that goes viral.” As such, anything can be a meme; Dawkins himself has given the meme treatment on many occasions.                  best database provider

The benefits of using memes for marketing

1. Memes are cheap to create

There is a certain homespun charm to internet memes. Anyone can get involve, using sites like Meme Generator to add text to the classics of the genre.

In addition, Brands can use memes created by other people for their marketing campaigns, but it is advisable to create your own memes if you plan to use them for marketing purposes. Moreover, Marketers have to work a little harder to jump onto cultural trends.

Moreover, The hard part is thinking up a witty caption. This example from BarkBox provides a handy reference point:

It is relevant to the brand and relevant to the audience, without destroying the connection with a pushy sales message.

In addition, When executed with skill, memes are a cheap and cheerful way to attract social media interaction.

2. Memes can be a powerful brand marketing medium

In addition, You can also create meme-able content yourself. That is to say, brands can create content that has the potential to become a meme in its own right.

For example, when Netflix released preview material (for example, the image below) for its Bird Box series it provided the canvas for countless memes:

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