4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Help With Content Marketing

I noticed a serious disconnect in business today. “We” no longer exist and there is no connection between one department and another. Oh sure, you might have the best team management platform, and have task setting and intra-team communication down to the art. But does every member of the team, regardless of department, work with everything they have to offer for the best possible result? The biggest gap exists between sales and content marketing. The two should go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they don’t. The biggest gap exists between selling and content marketing, says seosmarty. Click to tweet nothing can arm your content marketing department like interacting with people who speak directly to your audience on a daily basis.

A Simple Guide to Good Keyword Research

Build better content by fostering collaboration with Jamaica Phone Number List your sales team. Curated relevant content 3 ways content can build a bridge between marketing and sales Create a faq section your sales team (and customer service team) may answer dozens of questions each day over the phone or via email. Make sure every question they receive is properly recorded (via a sales management platform or other tool) and passed on to your content marketing strategist to base your content plan on. These questions, and more importantly their answers, can be a content marketing goldmine when published on your site because get special treatment on search engine results pages – google, for example, features sites that best answer searcher questions.

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Leverage Buyer Personas in Your Content

Separate quick answer box at the top of the search results. ) your CE Leads site turns to resources – so they build reader loyalty by increasing the number of return visits, subscribers, etc. B’s ecome for solid augmented content marketing strategies can be given in the form of ground -answer webinars, podcasts, video interviews, visual assets (think flow charts and infographics), etc. One of the most efficient ways to curate popular questions on your site is to create a faq section. For sites that run wordpress, the ultimate faq plugin is one of the easiest options for adding a faq section to your site. It integrates with woocommerce so you can add a “Related qa” section to your product pages. Frequently asked questions curated relevant content does your content answer searchers’ questions Create an onsite glossary it’s easy to pick out terms that frequently confuse your leads and compile.

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