5 Things Support Reps Paraguay Phone Number Wish They Could Tell Their Managers

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Do we avoid it because we fear it will fall Paraguay Phone Number on deaf ears? Or is it because we worry it will make us seem unhappy in our roles According to HBR, it’s a bit of both. In a study of nearly 200 individuals from all levels and functions within a company, half of the respondents said it was not “safe to speak up.” Most often, what feels safe is keeping quiet—not just about problems, but about ideas and suggestions that Paraguay phone number could probably help the business. This focus on self-preservation is common among customer service and call center teams where turnover is high and agents seem replaceable. To help you identify what your reps may not feel comfortable sharing, here are 5 things they wish they could tell you:

I’m drowning Paraguay Phone Number

Picture it: A call center, 2020. Two of your best agents work the first shift of the day. When they clock in at 8 am, they begin wading through last night’s backlog. Throughout this Paraguay Phone Number, they’re also taking calls. By the time other agents start to trickle in, they’ve already handled more than a dozen tickets. By mid-afternoon, they’re exhausted. Sensing an uneven workload, they decide to pull agent activity reports. Between the two of them, they realize they’re handling more than half of the daily load.

Instead of bringing this data to their manager Paraguay Phone Number, however, they wonder why no one else is looking at the report—and they commiserate about how unfair it is whenever they get the chance. Unfortunately, this is a true story (and not an uncommon one). When inbound call or ticket volume disproportionately affects select agents, burn out and resentment can set in fast.

 I have goals outside of support Paraguay Phone Number

One of the hardest things for someone in customer Paraguay Phone Number service to share with their boss is the desire to work on more than just tickets. Whether that means contributing to the support team in a non-customer facing way (e.g. producing how-to videos) or finding opportunities to work with other teams, it’s not surprising that agents are reluctant to broach the topic. If handled incorrectly, it can make them seem too self-interested—the opposite of a team player.            Best database provider | classy database

After all, you hired them to do a specific job and Paraguay Phone Number their focus. However, should be on mastering the intricacies of that job. But what happens once they have mastered it? What if there’s a greater benefit to solving a range of business problems. As opposed to occupying the same perspective each day? When employees feel there’s no room for growth within. However, their current role or company. Will inevitably leap to another one—even if their mobility is equally limited in their next role.

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