5 Ways to Get Influencers’ Attention on Twitter

Do you use twitter for your business interested in how to gain more exposure, influence and credibility gaining traction on twitter and building relationships with influencers can increase your online influence within your industry. With influence comes leverage, the foundation for growing your business. I shared 5 actionable twitter strategies I used to gain attention and challenge various key influencers to get 12 on the list of the most influential digital marketers on twitter in 201 share content. Curated relevant content are you struggling with society call an influencer feature influencers in blog posts and reach out on twitter I have tried many things to get relevant influencers to notice me and share my marketing industry related content to their large online audience.

Send Video Tweets Directly to Influencers

Was a lightbulb moment in january. I decided to use Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List buzzsumo to find and curate the most viral marketing content created by influencers in 201 we’ve rounded up the 15 most viral marketing posts from pros in 201 we then reached out to these influencers on twitter and let them know that they were among the “Most viral marketing posts of 2015” posts. We had a great response. Three of the influencers I covered shared their posts on twitter and facebook with over 683,000 viewers. An influencer wrote about my post. 15 most viral marketing posts from pros of 2015 – kps digital marketing httpst. Cooqnc6nnsd0 (via dknowlton1) — jeff bullas (jeffbullas) january 6, 2016 bookmark this knowlton 1 shares top marketing posts from.

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Send an influencer a boomerang

Moz Marketingprofs and others Httpst. Comigdih2ug6f — content CE Leads marketing (cmi content) january 9, 2016 do you curate similar content to get noticed by relevant industry influencers on twitter just follow these simple steps. Select target influencers to focus on. If you know your industry well, you should be able to rewind key influencers. If you need help, you can use moz’s tool followerwonk. On that site, click the search bios tab, enter. Keywords related to the type of influencer you’re looking for, and click doit. Follower wonk once you see these results, click on the social authority tab to see a descending list. Of the most influential twitter users around your keyword. Influential-twitter-users curated relevant content 3 steps to identifying industry influencers get the most viral content of influencers. Then copy and paste the influencer’s blog url into buzzsumo and click.

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