5 Work from Home Nigeria Phone Number Productivity Tips

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Whether your employees work from another country Nigeria Phone Number, from a co-working space. There’s a good chance work happens outside of the office. But despite how sweet working remotely may seem for the uninitiated, remote work carries its own unique challenges. To do our part in navigating this shift, we put together a list of remote productivity tips to help telecommuters and managers alike become more efficient and successful—possibly in their pajamas.

Remote work Nigeria Phone Number productivity: Fact or fiction?

Does working from home make you more productive? According to research from Stanford, the answer is yes. In a study of 500 employees split into two groups, the remote cohort showed increased Nigeria Phone Number productivity equivalent to a full day’s work. As it turns out, telecommuters work a full shift (or more) compared to their in-office peers—and they also Nigeria Phone number  take shorter breaks, have fewer sick days, and take less time off. But being a successful telecommuter requires an ample amount of discipline. This list of work from home productivity tips aims to help remote teams embrace their power to be more successful.

For the remote worker, the pros and cons Nigeria Phone Number of telecommuting are the opposite sides of the same coin. Their flexible, distraction-free surroundings can become an isolated and demotivated environment. Without a commitment to discipline and self-care, remote employees run the risk of burning out and becoming discouraged, possibly depressed.    Best database provider | classy database

The benefits of working Nigeria Phone Number from home

For employers, hiring remote workers has several advantages. It will lower costs since they don’t require space and resources in your physical office. Recruiters are able to choose from a Nigeria Phone Number wider pool of applicants since distance isn’t an issue. Virtual employees can also operate from different time zones, making it easier to provide customers with 24/7 support.

As for employees, they can benefit from Nigeria Phone Number working remotely in several ways. Overwhelmingly, remote workers report increased productivity and greater professional engagement. They can often enjoy a more flexible work schedule and are immune to office distractions. They also save on commuting time, which is better for them and the environment.

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