6 Ways Brands Can Leverage Instagram Stories

Did you hear the news Instagram has launched a new feature. Some say it’s very similar to the snapchat feature of the same name. If you haven’t heard about it, listen to this episode of old marketing to hear more about what joe pulizzi and robert rose have to say about instagram stories. In summary, they say “If you can’t beat them, duplicate them.” but what if you go further and consider how to use instagram stories in your content marketing strategy smart content marketers are interested in how games can be used to build and connect with communities and make brands a part of their audience’s lives. With 500 million monthly active users and over 90 million daily uploaded photos and videos, instagram is the mobile community where brands should exist.

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Stories feature you have everything you need for El Salvador Phone Number List your mobile social network. You can edit and upload photos, upload videos, apply filters, send direct. Messages, advertise, and create content that disappears in 24 hours. Use these 6 instagram story tips as a how-to guide for your visual content marketing strategy. Curated relevant content how to outperform fortune 500 brands on instagram [survey] how to get attention 3 instagram marketing strategies Behind the scenes too few content marketers create real or transparent content. That’s what instagram stories is really about. With the new stories feature, users can see where and how their favourite or most inspiring photos were created, or what their. Creators do on a typical day while exploring new filming locations I can confirm.

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Happy socks swedish manufacturer the story of happy CE Leads socks, a manufacturer and retailer of swedish socks and underwear, is a 10-second video about what’s going on in the office (people working at desks, birthday celebrations, etc.). Let your audience see how your brand works, from people to products. It gives your audience the opportunity to have a deeper connection with your brand. Let your audience see how your brand works to create deeper connections, according to katairobi. Click to tweet if you don’t know what to post on instagram stories, you can ask your followers. What they would like to see from you. Vote  making your audience part of your visual strategy is one of the best practices I’ve seen for brands. Using instagram stories. It’s a shame when brands only create random, self-selected stories because they don’t tap into. Conversations with their communities Emoji like red bull.

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