6 Ways to Create Useful Social Media Content Without Spending Much Time on It

Written by sifat islam

Let’s face it, creating social media content can be tedious!

Companies doing well on social media marketing usually post a few times a week on various platforms. Some of these companies have a team of full-time social media marketers to do it.


But some companies don’t have the luxury of having a team of social media marketers.

So how can we create useful and relevant social media content a week without spending too much time?

The secret lies in this concept called: repurposing long-form content.

Long-form content are content that are lengthy that you are already producing on a frequent basis. Some examples of long-form content:

  • Blog posts

The blog articles you spent time creating don’t have to stop on your blog! You can repurpose that content and maximize its potential.

Not sure how to do that?

This article will cover different ways you can repurpose content so that you can save time yet maintain high quality content and consistently post on your social media platforms.

Why should you repurpose your long-form content?

Save time

When you repurpose content, you save time. You don’t have to create new content from scratch, which can take a lot of time. Creating new content involves researching, brainstorming, creating new content outlines and captions, designing, etc.

Better SEO rankings

With repurposed content, you might also get an SEO boost on your Hong-Kong Phone Number List website. Creating multiple posts around the same topic allows you to send Relevancy signals to Google. Relevancy is an important criteria for your website to rank on Google.

Reach new audience

In most cases, your long-form content may reach a limited audience. However, with repurposed content, you can get more audiences through the various platforms that you’re posting on.

Gain more authority

Publishing quality content around a topic on several platforms can help raise your authority in your niche. You can establish yourself as an authority when people see you as the go-to for a certain topic, on several social media platforms.

Stay top-of-mind

Talking about the same thing, again and again, is vital to getting your message across. In fact, the Marketing Rule of Seven says that a prospective buyer should hear/see your marketing message at least 7 times before they buy.

6 ways to repurpose your long-form content

1. Repurpose content into a YouTube video

If you’re looking at video marketing, then you must be on YouTube. YouTube is the largest search engine after Google. But you can’t just read your content out over some slide with crappy audio. That won’t work if you want to rank on YouTube.

So, how do you convert your blog content into a converting YouTube video? These steps will help you with that.

Identify a good title

Not all your blog articles are suitable as scripts for YouTube videos. While a blog article may generate tons of traffic as blog posts, they might not do well on YouTube.

People on YouTube are sometimes at a different stage of the buyer’s journey. They might be researching a certain topic, or considering certain things. So your content has to be relevant and speak to the audience on YouTube.

High-quality video

YouTube is not only about the script/content; the quality of your videos also matter.Some YouTube channels produce videos that require heavy post-production work.

But if you’re a small team, and don’t have much resources to produce a highly post-produced video, consider at least having a good camera that can produce high-definition videos.

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