7 ways technology can make you a smarter content marketer

Marketers have high hopes for the impact of technology. We recently surveyed 300 marketers and at least two-thirds said that technology is likely or very likely to make content marketing significantly more efficient across lifecycle tasks. They are right proper use of technology increases efficiency and provides tactical benefits. However, I would like to emphasise that using technology strategically can help content marketers work smarter, allowing them to develop and implement more successful content marketing programs. Strategically used technology helps content marketers work smarter via decugis content marketing click to tweet a majority of those surveyed also cite more strategic benefits such as clarity of success amplification of results.

Audit your content library

Previously unknown opportunities Technology-use-survey-results Venezuela Phone Number List content marketing institute founder joe prizzi said I see content marketing technology in use today as putting out fires to solve very small problems. Before you buy any technology for content marketing, you need a strategic vision that makes sense for your organisation. Before you buy any technology for content marketing, you need a strategic vision via joe pulizzi. Click to tweet this theme emerged as we interviewed joe and other experts to learn how technology can help content marketers. As bernie borges explains of course, I want to be as time efficient as possible. But it’s not about doing it faster, it’s about doing it smarter. So the hard work I put into my content has a better chance of succeeding.

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Maximize your keyword research

Understanding explore seven ways you can use CE Leads technology to make your content marketing smarter and more strategic. Curated and relevant content the technology behind the language of content strategy audit identify content gaps and real-time opportunities some marketers spend a lot of time tracking their content inventory and performance metrics with simple spreadsheets. Evaluate the spreadsheet manually on a regular basis. A lot of work and obsolete the moment you click save on your spreadsheet. Yearly or quarterly reviews aren’t enough to know what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s missing. Valuable opportunities to create or reuse content to meet buyers’ real needs more quickly can be lost. However, when using technology tools to audit content assets, the work can be done automatically and in real time. Stay on top of new trends upcoming sales changing.

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