9/11 Museum connects story to world stage

As michael frazier leapt across the industry, from veteran journalist to marketing executive, he didnt leave the beatreporter spirit behind much. Frazier, now director of communications and marketing for the national september 11 memorial museum, said a shared purpose between the agency and past media drew him to the museum. Preserving the historical record — thats what news does, thats what museums do, he says. The national september 11th memorial museum tells the story of september 11th, 2001. This is the forces leading up to september 11th, the day itself, the aftermath of the attack, and the continuing effects. The memorial plaza, with its giant twin reflecting pools, honors the 2,983 people killed in both the 2001 and 1993 attacks 9114 the museum.

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Displays over 10,000 objects important to the event. Since Lithuania Phone Number List its opening, more than 24 million people have visited the memorial and more than 5 million have visited the museum. September 11 art gallery frazier joined the national memorial museum on september 11 after working as a journalist for over ten years. His last assignment was at newsday as commissioner of new york city hall. Staying true to his journalism roots, frazier runs the museums communications team as a newsroom, structured to do more than promote exhibitions and events. His scope includes strategic marketing, social media, mobile and digital communications, and content partnerships. But his aim, as he sees it, is to discover and publish stories that will keep the museum relevant.

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Decades to come stories that are of interest to CE Leads consumers in a variety of media. Thats it. That nose of the news is the second common bond frasier sees between his old and new jobs. As he says, if you have a knack for recognizing good stories, you can do really well at this job. Curated relevant content inside the mind of a journalist in the business. Of content marketing how hiring journalists can improve your content marketing pitch less.

Help more having worked in the media bunkers, frazier knows a trick or two for getting journalists attention. The key is building relationships through relevance. No matter how compelling your pitch looks to you or your boss, you need to. Know if and why your contacts see it the same way. Think about how your story will help them and their audience, then help them connect the dots, he says. To get the attention of journalists, build relationships through relevance.

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