A Beginner’s Guide to Common Seo Mistakes

The most common seo mistake, not having a responsive design for your business website could kill your brand in the online world. Since most people today use smartphones and other devices to read, shop, and surf online, by not making your site mobile-friendly, you’re losing potential customers. Also, responsive websites rank higher in search results than traditional websites. So, in order to provide your audience with a superior browsing experience no matter what device they are using and generate quality leads, make sure to choose a responsive web design I.E. Mobile friendly.

Website Design Additionally, Here Are Some Useful Tools

That can help you check whether your website is responsive Purchasing Directors Email Lists or not and provide suggestions on how to optimize your site for mobile users. Poor page speed and load times a slow website hurts your website traffic and rankings. This is also one of the main reasons for a higher bounce rate and as such, if your site is taking more than 2 seconds to load, you don’t need to find out what the problem is and fix it. Immediately. Having a faster website will help you improve user experience which will lead to increased traffic and click-through rate.

Also, Since Website Speed Is a Ranking Factor

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Improving your site speed will help improve your site’s ranking on the serps. Plus, with tools like pingdom and gtmetrix, testing and measuring your site’s page speed and load time becomes easy. Moreover, these tools also provide you with valuable information that can help you rectify any issues quickly. Keyword over-optimization aka keyword stuffing keyword stuffing is a black hat seo technique that you should avoid at all costs. Over-optimizing keywords in blog posts and web pages makes your content look unnatural, affecting readability, resulting in poor user experience. Also, overusing the same keywords makes your site look spammy, which leads to a penalty from google.

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