A book’s worth of Search Luxembourg Phone Number

Therefore A few weeks ago at the Marketo User Summit I had the privilege of hearing from. Andrew Spoeth, Marketo customer and Director of. Marketing at the world’s leading B2B Search. Marketing firm, Enquiro about an upcoming seminar on. October 28th that is sure to be a must-attend event for marketing managers, directors, and VPs in the San Francisco Bay area.

Kicking Off This Half Day Event

Will be a keynote from Graham Mudd, Vice President of comScore Marketing Solutions about “The Current State of Search Advertising” along with insights from Search Marketing superstar and author of the new book, The BuyerSphere Project: How Business Buys from Business, Gord Hotchkiss. Following the keynote will be a panel discussion, small group tactical sessions, plus wrap-ups summarizing the book’s worth of learning.

An added benefit of the event will be the ability to network with other marketers and the speakers who will be at the event including those mentioned plus:

  • Patricia Neuray, Vice President National Sales, Business.com
  • Jon Miller, Vice President Marketing, Marketo
  • Matthias Blume, Chief Analytics Officer, Covario
  • Bill Barnes, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Enquiro Search Solutions

Therefore To ensure everyone can attend, Enquiro has made this event very low cost and have included breakfast and lunch as part of the program.  Plus they have also included a digital copy of the recently released book, The BuyerSphere Project: How Business Buys from Business .  And as a sponsor of the event, Marketo can help subsidize your tuition by offering $50 off the $199 price of the event if you click through on this link when you Luxembourg Phone Number register.  See you at this cool event!

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