A Guide to Marketing on WeChat

sBrands that wish to connect with consumers in China simply must be active on WeChat, one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Owned by TenCent, WeChat is known as China’s “everything app”. With over one billion active users, it is used for work, play, shopping, and most other activities in between.


80% of social media users make social commerce purchases in China, according to Accenture. Needless to say, Meta is paying close attention and many of WeChat’s most popular live stream features will soon arrive on Western social networks.

All marketers should take an interest in WeChat and get Sweden Phone Number an overview of how it works. Whether wishing to grow a brand in China or just hoping to stay ahead of social media trends, it is a rich resource for deciphering the future of the industry.

WeChat, like many other social media giants, has attracted controversy for its overreaching surveillance practices. Criticism of the government is censoreds on WeChat and the app tracks every aspect of the user’s life – down to their ‘faceprint’, as report in this BBC report.            best database provider

The more the app is ingraine in daily life, the more sensitive data it captures. And it is undeniable that WeChat has transformed the way the Chinese public socializes and shops.

But what exactly is WeChat? How does it work? And how can brands use WeChat for marketing?

We Chat Statistics

WeChat is the international name for the app know as Weixin within China. The two apps are very similar, albeit not identical. Weixin offers more video live streaming features, while WeChat provides cheap international voice calls, for example.

The vast majority of WeChat/Weixin users live in China. There are an estimated 100 million international WeChat users, many of whom use the app to communicate with family in China.

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