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Every day there is more to manage, to get right, to learn.” who said its definitely someone in content marketing, web strategy, or digital communications, right wrong. Checklist manifesto you might be surprised to find that it is a quote from dr. Atul gawande, who wrote how to get things right . Gawande, a general surgeon, suggests that applying simple checklists to both complex and routine medical procedures can impact overall success rates and reduce infection and mortality. Im here. What does his quote have to do with content marketing a lot. A good content strategy is taking the guesswork out of action and allowing creative content to flourish. To help you understand all the details, weve created a creatingvaluablecontent™ checklist. It has also been updated since its debut in 2011. A great contentstrategy takes the guesswork out of action and allows creative content to flourish, says ahaval.

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Plains most professions resist checklists because they believe Morocco Phone Number List our work is too complex to be summarized in a checklist. But if doctors, project managers, and the world health organization are convinced of the power of checklists, why shouldnt they checklist 2016ahamediaedits valuable content summary the checklist is designed for digital content creators and marketing teams. Define valuable content using five benchmarks. Findability easy to read it can be understood practical shareable a tip to colleen jones, founder and. Principal of contentscience, who inspired some of these benchmarks. Get before you start using this checklist, its important to understand how to use it. First, get the right people involved.

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The most compelling stories gawande tells is that some CE Leads of detroits most rundown hospitals installed central lines also called injection ports used to minimize the number of times patients needed. Its about how we enacted a checklist for inserting. Prick with a needle. However, these lines are often infected. To reduce the chance of infection, doctors at johns hopkins created a central venous checklist and persuaded the. Detroit hospital to participate in a study to see if the checklist worked. Each hospital was assigned a senior project manager and an executive who visited at least. Once a month to listen to staff complaints and help resolve issues. Why did executives have to get involved in something considered. Tactical some of the staff issues could only be resolved by executives.

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