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Therefore One of the most stressful moments in a marketer’s career is when traffic starts to slow or decline. You generated a lot of leads and revenue with creative emails. In-depth content, and shareable social posts, but new ideas. Are falling flat, and you’re suffering from a severe case of marketer’s block.

One source of new ideas that may come as a surprise is SEO website Therefore analytics. Reviewing web analytics reports can help marketers find new uses for underperforming content. Discover new audiences to engage and educate, and identify gaps in coverage that need to be filled.

Even if you’re a Google Analytics beginner, it’s simple to navigate the system and populate advanced reports that will help fill a content calendar. In this blog, I’ll show you how to take a deep dive into your website analytics and use what you discover to find exciting new ways to stimulate success.

Gather Detailed Demographics Insights to Address the Right Audience

Audience reports in Google Analytics provide an incredible amount of site visitor data: age, gender, location, browser type, device type, and even interests. Therefore This data can be used to build new buyer personas or refine existing personas.

In order to access this data, Therefore enable demographics and interest reports:

  1. Navigate to Google Analytics.
  2. Click the “Audience” tab.
  3. Expand “Demographics.”
  4. Click “Overview.”
  5. Review the information provided by Google Finland Phone Number in the main content area, and click “Enable” to turn on audience tracking.


With Audience Tracking Enabled, Many in-depth Reports Will Become Available

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  • Click “Gender” to see the overall  percentage of visits from males and females, and view engagement metrics for visitors of the two different genders.
  • Expand “Interests” and click “Overview” to view interest information for site visitors. Affinity categories are lifestyle interests, in-market segments are purchase interests, and other categories are specific interests.



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