Advice for Managing a Morocco Phone Number Remote Sales Team

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I lead the Sales Development team for Aircall in Morocco Phone Number, and I love the energy that comes with working in a team environment. Collaboration, camaraderie, and competition are inherent to the process. But like most sales leaders, the current global health circumstances related to Covid-19 mean that my team has needed to adapt and move forward in a measured and morocco  Phone number clearheaded way. My career has included a sustained period where I was working in virtual positions and led a remote sales team. Before I entered the SaaS world, I was an outside sales rep for Yellow Pages and advanced into a sales manager role. I experienced three solid years of working remotely without an office space or a traditional sales team environment.

While the situation was noticeably Morocco Phone Number different, in many ways I’ve been able to pull out my old playbook to make sure my team today is managed in a thoughtful and productive manner. If anything, I think my team is stronger than ever. We’ve been lucky to see consistent growth and meetings-set, but we are mindful to do so in a way that helps others through a really difficult time. As the new “normal” develops, best practices will need to change.

Set KPIs and clear Morocco Phone Number expectations for remote workers

What are the expectations you have for your team? What expectations do you have for yourself? In the modern sales environment, particularly in software and SaaS, we can tend to be Morocco Phone Number office heavy. Our processes for communication or target setting aren’t necessarily prepared for remote work. Now, this culture needs to shift. If your sales team likes working in an office, there’s a reason for that. As a sales manager, you need to recognize the core components of this mentality and do your best to replicate or artificially create this environment remotely.

A remote workforce still wants a sense Morocco Phone Number of camaraderie, belonging, and accountability. They thrive in group/social settings. On the management side, it’s easy to hold people accountable to metrics and give coaching feedback when you’re sitting in the next row over, but when working remotely, there needs to be a more mindful eye. One key piece of advice I’ve been giving to other sales leaders is to literally write out a specific go to market plan for a remote environment. What is expected of your individual contributors on the day-to-day? What do you require from your SDRs and AEs in terms of hard numbers, and what are the KPIs that you look at every single day to determine success or failure?

Keeping sales representative Morocco Phone Number accountable when working remotely

Theoretically, when working at home, you Morocco Phone Number should have fewer distractions and experience more success. This is possible for all your teams, but it will take a larger-than-normal effort on management’s end to check in with individual contributors and ensure everything is on track. I told my team the other day, “You may think some of my questions are micromanaging, but you know me well enough to know that’s not how I operate. But you should know that I’m going to ask you questions you might find difficult to answer.”

More so than usual, I’m asking about the Morocco Phone Number specifics of my SDRs’ business. I want more details about the deals they’re setting up, and I want to know specifics. How many sales calls did you make yesterday? How many are you making today? If I ask you a question about your numbers, you should know. I need more employee engagement. My sales people need to be business owners more than ever. They are the startup in a closet that’s just launching. They need to operate as the CEOs of that startup. You have to hold yourself accountable and take successes personally.            Best database provider | classy database

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