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What attracts some photographers to color is that for them the above fears are advantages. And above all the much desired since the birth of photography recognition from the world of painting. Inferiority complexes that are now complicated with financial aspirations. And it is not only the color that resembles painting but above all the contemporary visual fashion of the concept which in order to serve the simplistic concepts and the obvious messages that it consistently uses not only does not fear but also seeks absolute verisimilitude and underlining the kinship with advertising the ever present queen of the concept.  Relationship with the real event is the ideal tool for projecting any concept.

The colored will cling to reality

Although it is not indisputable that photography has an affinity Banner Design with the world of painting and certainly no more than it does with the world of poetry one could argue that black and white photography is much more imaginative than color a and its potential for transforming the reality it depicts is much greater. A color photograph for example of a landscape that contains nothing but a patch of sky and a patch of meadow will unmistakably be a landscape of blue sky and green meadow. Where blue and green will not be colors as in painting but sky and meadow. If the photographer made the corresponding colors yellow and red the photograph would cease to function as a photograph since it would lose its verisimilitude.

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But if the photograph was black and white then the photographer CE Leads would have the possibility to play with the sky and the sea in gray tones making an almost white area that would correspond to the sky and an almost black area that would correspond to the meadow. Thus without losing verisimilitude it would gain both abstraction and transformation. So black and white allows much more dynamic interventions than color thus courting the painter’s freedom. But the question of which photograph is easier or more difficult cannot have an answer since each of them must follow a different path for the common goal of transformation through verisimilitude. The colored will cling to reality in order to subvert it through this attachment while the black and white will push reality to the limits of description in order to transform it without denying it. .

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