An Upcoming Presentation

Your typical CEO is a thought leader who’s actively engaged with their industry. Look for events where the CEO is speaking. These might include an event their company is sponsoring, a board event, a trade show, or an industry conference. Reach out a few weeks prior to the occasion and tell them you find the title of their speech interesting. Explain that you can’t attend the event but would love a sneak peek of their remarks.

Even a CEO who delegates most of their work is still preparing their own presentations — and would welcome feedback. By asking them for a rundown on their remarks before the event, you get ahead of the many people who will follow up with questions and pitches after the fact.

Ask For A Sneak Peek

If you’re reaching out this way, remember the presentation title should infer a connection to what you’re offering. If you’re selling billing software in the mid-market medical space, look at the speaking roster or recent blog publications from CEOs at hospitals or medical businesses.

Choose a topic about being more efficient or effective Wuhan Mobile Phone Number in a post-sale world and — once you’ve heard their remarks and provided valuable feedback — tie it back to what you sell.

In general, you won’t pitch to the CEO. But having this interaction gives you leverage when you speak to the lower-level decision maker. By saying, “I just had a conversation with your CEO about medical sales efficiency and how it ties into our offering …” you’ve created a climate of urgency with your buyer.

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8. Take advantage of the economy

Unemployment is currently low and revenue is high which means the ability to meet employee growth targets is more difficult. The result can be bottlenecked company growth.

If you position your product or service as easing that issue, you might find a new audience. Is your technology an attractive tool for engineers? Position it as such for companies that currently have several engineering requisitions out.


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