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I love data. As a marketer today, you can’t really function without it, and as far as I’m concerned, the more you have, the better. When I started at Marketo last fall, I was excited to see how data-driven this company is. We are awash in reports, analytics, spreadsheets, charts, and graphs…which is great! So, I was particularly happy when I learned that we were Belgium Phone Number fielding a benchmark survey to gather insights on how our customers from different company sizes, functional areas, and industries are moving along their own paths to digital transformation. 2017 Belgium Phone Number Marketing Benchmark Report–North America As our own CMO, Chandar Pattabhiram says: “

Future of Marketing Relies on Belgium Phone Number

The  our ability to engage with people in a personal and authentic way.” But, the question is–how exactly are marketers doing this today? So, we asked them, and we are proud to offer you the first of what will be an annual survey to give you marketing benchmarks from some of the best marketers in the world. The report is rich with useful data, so I won’t try to capture it all here, but as a preview, there are six sections to the report: Marketing Organization & Technology Belgium Phone Number Usage & Effectiveness Multi-Channel Strategy Lifecycle Marketing Metrics & ROI Opportunities How Marketing Technology Is

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Making  of the report is the one on marketing technology since. I’ve been marketing various kinds of software throughout my entire career. And I’m fascinated by how technology continues to both improve and disrupt business processes across the. Belgium Phone Number organization, particularly in marketing. The question I had on my mind, that I now have an answer to is. How many types of marketing technology does it take to make an impact? Based on our survey of over 1,300 marketers, the most common answer was 6-10 different technologies. And more than 60% of marketers surveyed have that or more. What’s even more interesting to me is that Belgium Phone NumberAre  larger companies don’t necessarily use more technologies. In fact, it was the mid-sized companies

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