Are your customers unsubscribing? 3 ways to deliver an enjoyable content experience

Last summer I spent three nights at a downtown denver hotel. I was really happy. The wifi started off fine, but the front desk sorted it out and as an apology, gave us free access for the duration of our stay. The gym was clean, and the life-size fake cow in the lobby was intriguing enough to post on social. Denver-hotel-lobby-cow in short, I was happy. I had a great customer experience. Then, about a month into my stay, I received an email inviting me to join the hotel’s rewards program. I don’t travel to denver much so although I was happy with the customer experience I unsubscribed. A few weeks later, I received another email. Then another Now. I hate that hotel. You see the problem, right I had an exceptional customer experience, but my content.

Make your offer personal

Experience was terrible Whether we’re talking Northeast Mobile Phone Number List top-funnel, mid-funnel, or post-funnel experiences, the vast majority of all content experiences are terrible. Consider three statistics. 74% of visitors feel “frustrated” when a website shows content that has nothing to do with why they were there in the first place. 74% of visitors complain that website content is unrelated to what brought them there janrain click to tweet a 2015 study found that emails are routinely flagged as spam even after subscribers choose to receive them. Why because 42% said the content was “Irrelevant” or “Impersonal.” swiftermglobal click to tweet 42% of subscribers’ emails are flagged as spam because their content is impersonal only 4% of “dissatisfied customers” who leave a company because.

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Customize your social media

Experience attribute the experience to the company CE Leads itself. 4% of dissatisfied customers who leave a company say they attribute a bad experience to the company helpscout click to tweet luckily, you don’t have to figure out how to deliver a great content experience yourself. In fact, three methods have already been proven. Make personalization is a hot topic, especially when content overlaps with commerce. The reason is clear. In a crowded marketplace where customers are overwhelmed with choices, standing out means treating each person like a real individual. As scott p. Abel defines it, “personalization is the process of targeting content to individuals. Based on one or more of the following where they are when, why, and how they access content and what device do you use to access it” but what does it look like exactly take glassesusa com as an example.

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