Be prepared to be ignored if you don’t have a subscription goal

I have had the incredible pleasure of meeting with over a dozen of the biggest companies on the planet. These companies are among the most innovative companies in the world, creating many products for personal and professional use on a daily basis. Over the past few years, these companies have hired journalists, producers, broadcasters and editors to consistently refine and tell their stories. Its amazing to see firsthand the transformation of the marketing department as we once knew it. But heres my problem one of those companies not one wasnt working on an audience building program focused on subscriber growth. Sure, there were brand awareness goals, awareness goals, brand improvement goals, lead generation goals, and lead quality goals, but no subscriber goals.

Lead generation is not the same

And research confirms my personal findings. According Lebanon Phone Number List to a study by the content marketing institutemarketingprofs, less than a third of organizations have subscription growth as a content marketing goal. Also, the national advertisers association study on native advertising did not cite increased subscriptions as a possible metric. Less than a third of organizations are increasing their subscriptions as a goal of contentmarketing via cmicontent. Click to tweet metricsmeasurementnativead now, I dont know if this is a research failure, but the idea is clear… Building an audience isnt even on the minds of most big companies today. This should be changed. Curated relevant content how to build your email list the better ultimate guide best chance to measure lets take a break.

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Not all subscriptions equal

From the dark side of the force for a moment. I would CE Leads like to share two examples of why I believe subscriptions, the idea of ​​building a group of valuable audiences, is the present and future of companies. The first example is from traditional media. As you may know, I grew up in b2b publishing. The metric that dominated each publication I worked on so far was subscribers. Originally called distribution development, now called audience development, without a target group of buyers subscribed to one or more content offerings offered by media brands, revenue large zero was not possible. Think about it… without subscribers, there would be no income. That is the media of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Look at your industry and major trade publications from espn, the wall street journal , or the new york times. None of them can function without subscribers. Without subscribers, there was no income.

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