Bresson the event gains its importance

A misunderstanding however to which we owe to a certain extent. The respect that photography began to gain in the eyes of the public. Many think that Cartier Bresson’s photographs were about the human subject while others still believe that the snapshot was his privileged space. Nevertheless the content of Cartier Bresson’s work was nothing more than geometry. In other words the establishment of a balance in a world that hides for the artist the great threat of disorder. For Cartier only through its morphological completeness and rigor. And the artistic thrill of photography stems from the meeting of the moment with the geometric balance of an apparently disordered world.

I have written a multitude of texts on this topic

Among them there are not particularly many in which the Real Estate Photo Editing eye the mind and the heart as he said are on the same line while at the same time they capture the dialogue of the outside world with the inner world of the photographer. It is clear that black and white is tasting the cold dish of revenge since it has never occupied the photographic world as much as now that color is taking over. So let’s deal with this one more time. Only because I have written a multitude of texts on this topic I will venture so as not to repeat myself intolerably to quote epigrammatically thoughts and advice absolutely personal I emphasize more to provoke questions than to answer them.

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If one is going to create

In art nothing was done because nothing else could be done. In other CE Leads words black and white was not a necessary evil.  At the beginning of photography because let’s say they couldn’t find color. Like talkies it didn’t even cross Griffith’s mind in the early years of the last century. In fact when sound appeared encyclopedia considered that cinema died since it had to be based on the image. In art again the representation of reality is not only not nor has. It ever been an end in itself but also constitutes a completely useless goal. If one is going to create exactly what has already been created what is the reason. His photographs are all solemn affirmations of a photographer dazzled by the inner harmony of the world.


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