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The two main problems are that IAB has not requeste South Africa WhatsApp Number List sufficient consent for the TC String. What does this mean? Cookies for South Africa WhatsApp Number List advertising 80% of European websites would use IAB’s cookie pop-up. The IAB system is, among other things, link to a Real Time Bidding system. With which advertisements can be place base on data from website visitors. Visitors are thus shown advertisements specifically aim at them.

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The TC String is personal data IAB Europe use so-called South Africa WhatsApp Number List Transparency and Consent Strings , or TC Strings. This is a string of characters with which the preferences of the website visitor are store and pass on. This TC String and a cookie that is place South Africa WhatsApp Number List are linked to the IP address of the visitor. As a result, the TC String itself has also become personal data. Compare it, for example, with a license plate. The license plate itself doesn’t say much. But as soon as you know whose name it is, that license plate has also become personal data. It is then no longer just a number, but you know who the number belongs to. Following IAB, a TC String is not personal data, as it is just a string of characters.

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The Belgian Data Protection Authority therefore thinks South Africa WhatsApp Number List otherwise, because of the link to the IP address and a cookie. Consent is missing If personal data is processe or collect information. Such as preferences, is link to other personal data, permission South Africa WhatsApp Number List is sometimes require. IAB believ that it was allow to process the personal data on the basis of its legitimate interest. Sometimes it is  the case that you can make a balancing of interests. In which you weigh the privacy interests against the marketing interests. Sometimes it is possible to process personal data for marketing on this basis.

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