Catch more fish applet: How to build a warm online second-hand bookstore?

“Déjà vu” Duocaiyu wanted to do not only an online second-hand book trading platform, but a warm online second-hand bookstore from the very beginning. This article explores how Duocaiyu has been established since its establishment in 2017. Answer the original question.

Analysis of the current situation and reasons for catching more fish

Analysis conclusion: According to relevant Thailand Phone Number data, more than 300,000 fish catch users, and the platform sells 2,000 books stably every day. It is estimated that the number of books sold per year is around 720,000. This answer sheet is pretty good. Analysis Let’s look at the main three aspects of help:

The road of book-linking in multilateral exploration

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In addition to constantly polishing the core functions. Users can not only find the books they want on the platform of catching fish. But also be able to experience the temperature brought by second-hand books. In terms of experience. Duo Catch Fish used second-hand books as a link to explore the functions of personal social networking and recommended book lists.

Different from the PCG-based recommended book lists on other platforms. Most of the book lists for catching fish are now jointly built by users. Create a new book list and wait for others to complete it. The title of the book list is relatively novel and interesting, attracting users to browse the book list to find their favorite books; in addition, the recommended book list is equipped with a like and comment function, which can satisfy a certain sense of value for users.



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