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Do you know how many cases of abandoned. Children like chengcheng are in taiwan. According to the statistics of the children’s .League an average of 1.3 children .Face abandonment problems every day. And in 2015. They received 458 parenting consultation calls. Judging from the parenting consultation cases. Of the children’s league. In 2015, the top three reasons for parenting were. Financial inability family members .Unable to provide assistance (68.8%), and out-of-wedlock childbirth (52.9%).Since the child leaves the mother’s body. It lacks the awareness. Of self-protection and self-survival. It must be carefully care .For by the family before it can ..Learn to survive. Crawl and walk on its own. After growing up, through the establishment .Of family relationships cultivate into a huge.Social system. In the absence of a healthy family. Most children are prone to develop separation .Anxiety symptoms due to neglect of care. Compared with ordinary children. They are more sensitive and uneasy.

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.Able to understand the working model. Of the world and the complete ability. Of self-expression children. Have long been recognize  by. The international community as one of the disadvantaged. Groups and should be treated .With the same basic human rights. Internationally, in 1924, the league of nations (the former united nations) adopted the geneva declaration, which was the first international document directly related to children’s rights in history, and listed the basic rights that children should be guaranteed. However, this document  Romania Phone Number is only declarative and not binding. It was not until 1979, when poland first proposed the idea of ​​developing an international convention for children, that the convention on the rights of the child was formally discussed by the united nations and was later adopted. Regardless of the cultural background of each country or the traditional concept of children, the convention on the rights of the child represents an international consensus and is the minimum standard for the protection of children’s rights.

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As far as the origin of the rule of law for children


In taiwan is concerned, when it was established in 1962, there was almost no effective and complete protection, and no one really supervised the justice of children’s human rights. Bai lifang, director of the social work department of the children’s league, mentioned that the early parenting regulations were based on a contract system. As long as the adults on both sides agree, the contract can be recognized by the court. However, there are actually big loopholes under such a mechanism. Whether the agreement between adults involves consideration  of their own interests, rather than the arrangement of children’s own rights and interests. For example, in the past society, most of them came from the private arrangement between elders, or the middlemen failed to fully inform the family situation of both parties, including the health of the children, the mental health of the other’s family etc. These are invisible problems that wander under the legal loopholes, but they deeply affect children’s future.

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