Content Marketing of the Week: Your Content Marketing Approach Is Strategic, Actually

In this episode, Robert and I discuss the TechCrunch articles claim that content marketing isnt really strategic. It also showcases Accentures efforts to become a world leader in content marketing and explores Facebooks latest endeavors. Rants and raves include Blabs decision to remain silent and the benefits of automated content creation. Finally, follow WeEnergies crosscountry search for Christmas cookie content in this weeks This Old Marketing example. show of the week Recorded live on August 14, 2016 Duration 010135 Download this weeks PNRThis OldMarketing podcast . If you enjoy the PNR podcast, we would appreciate it if you could rate it on iTunes or leave a review . 1. Content marketing in news How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing 818 Is Everything.

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We Know About Digital Marketing Wrong The Tech South Africa Phone Number List Crunch article claims that tech marketers dont understand the basic principles that distinguish marketing strategy from marketing channels and marketing content, putting the blame squarely on Google Analytics. There are some parts of the argument that we agree with, but Robert argues that the authors overly ambitious argument suffers from several deficiencies in logic and due to his limited understanding of Googles measurement capabilities. points out that it is insufficient to claim Curated Relevant Content How to Use Google Analytics to Uncover Critical Content Marketing Insights Inside Accentures 600 million content business 2028 Accenture is big on its commitment to providing clients with a worldclass content.

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Voice feature in Google Docs

Strategy including its decision to open a 10,000squarefoot content studio in CE Leads New York City last month. I am betting. According to Digiday, the management consulting firms latest move was motivated by a recent survey, with 90 of senior marketers believing content should be owned by company executives rather than agencies. Because Robert positions content operations as a commoditized service rather than stressing the importance of quality in the equation, he feels this is a dangerous carrot hanging in front of marketers. Curated Relevant Content Content Marketing of the Week Preparing Your Content Studio to Be a Thing While Facebook gives consumers more control over the ads they see, it cripples ad blockers 2920 Facebook makes it easier for users to customize their ad experience, while ad blockers We are implementing new settings that make it harder for the site to work.

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