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This will give you an idea of ​​how your website is doing here. Can you Chile WhatsApp Number List advertise? Did you know that you can also advertise in the application? All marketers know the Google Ads campaigns on Search or Shopping. That way you reach people who are specifically looking for your brand, product or service. But you can also reach people who have not specifically Chile WhatsApp Number List searched for you. With the Google Discovery Ads , your ads appear not only in the app itself (and the Google app), but also on YouTube, the Watch Next feed and in Gmail. These ads work just like the articles and videos that appear on Discover. Google looks at your interests and your search history to show you the most relevant ads.

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When should I pay attention to Google Discover? Google Chile WhatsApp Number List Discover is not equally interesting for all companies, because it is very focused on content. If your business is an online store without a blog or videos, it’s hard to show up without ads. On Chile WhatsApp Number List the other hand, is your site focused on content such as videos, recipes, blog posts, or news articles? Then it is interesting. So as long as you put content on your site, it is worth paying attention to Google Discover. What does the future look like? What exactly Google plans to do with the application in the future is not yet clear. What we do know is that Google finds it increasingly important to be able to show the relevant content to visitors.

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That both in the search engine and in Google Chile WhatsApp Number List Discover. We also know that Google is always getting smarter with the help of AI. We already saw that in the Google MUM update . It is therefore very important that you provide relevant and Chile WhatsApp Number List interesting content, without misleading people with a title or photo. In any case, it’s something to keep an eye on. Google has been busy developing Google Ads in recent years. The common thread in these changes: machine learning, or the Google algorithm. A new feature is Performance Max. Forget fancy text ads, separate ad groups and manual bids, because Google takes over everything: and how!

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