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If there’s anything marketers have learned in the last 18 months. It’s the importance of pivoting their strategies with confidence. And aligning with the Ghost Mannequin Effect behaviours of the target audience . They are interested in engaging with. Because this approach will continue to be relevant. We’ve identified some of the key learning opportunities from. The last year to help you navigate today’s unique challenges . And seamlessly Ghost Mannequin Effect pivot your marketing strategies. Throughout 2020 and into 2021 we’ve seen a historic shift to digital. This shift is important for marketers to take note of because of the subtle impact. It continuously has on consumer behaviour. Consumer habits never . Stop evolving, and by keeping a pulse on which channels are seeing the biggest change in digital. You can find ways to align with consumer expectations and trends.

Last year We Ghost Mannequin Effect  Saw

Unprecedented growth in time spent with digital media: 15% YoY. This growth was driven by pandemic-related lifestyle changes. With so many people staying at home because of health restrictions, video streaming, Ghost Mannequin Effect connected TV (CTV) and smartphone use increased. In the US, the average adult added 1 hour of digital Ghost Mannequin Effect consumption to their daily media time. This trend is likely to persist in 2021 as consumers have indicated that they will continue spending time on activities like ). Increased use of digital media also led to more cord-cutting. More than one-third of US consumers added new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services during the pandemic, while the percentage of those who “cut the cord” increased 28.2%.

Ghost Mannequin Effect
This Shift to Ghost Mannequin Effect Digital

Also influenced online shopping. While ordered to stay home, consumers turned to online shopping channels. As a result, US e-commerce sales Ghost Mannequin Effect increased 32.4% YoY to a record $791 billion. Online shopping has become a habit, especially for consumers Ghost Mannequin Effect enjoying the convenience of alternative fulfillment methods like click-and-collect.  Now, more than three-quarters of Americans have tried a new shopping behaviour, shifting to e-commerce, and most intend to continue usage beyond crisis The Designer’s Toolset: Software, and Websites.

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