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Cryptocurrencies are the best-known use case here, next of course Mexico WhatsApp Number List NFTs (part of tokanization ). Recently I also wrote about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and Self Sovereign Identity , which are also very important parts of web3. Basically they Mexico WhatsApp Number List are all decentrally organized applications. Cryptocurrencies to send and receive money decentrally, NFTs to arrange decentralized ownership, DAOs to organize an organization decentrally and SSI to have an identity decentrally. From web 2.0 dapps to web 3.0 dapps. Source: TheMerkle Decentralized data pods We regain control of our own data and personal data.

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Not a separate account for every website or social medium, but one Mexico WhatsApp Number List digital identity. With this you log in to the various sites and platforms and you have control over which data and personal data you want to share. The Web as I envisaged it, we have Mexico WhatsApp Number List not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past. – Tim Berners-Lee To immediately show how this can work, web inventor Berners-Lee set up Inrupt for this. This works with personal ‘data pods’, personal vaults with data. A website can then always request access to your data vault, in exchange for certain services.

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But they cannot extract or resell this data. Also read: How cryptocurrency Mexico WhatsApp Number List is quietly reshaping the internet Several major websites such as Reddit are already using web3. Users can earn crypto tokens by posting on a web3 section. The number of tokens can also rise or fall, due to the number of up- and downvotes. Twitter is working on project Bluesky. Which is Mexico WhatsApp Number List to become the web3 version of the social media platform. Founder Jack Dorsey recently tweeted that he doesn’t believe this will democratize the internet. The key to the Metaverse? Web3 could also become the key to the real Metaverse, bringing together all of the aforementioned functionalities

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