Digital Marketing Round-Up: The Top News in April 2021

Apple iOS 14.5 is finally here!

Therefore, Apple launched its long anticipated privacy feature under their iOS 14.5 update, which was rolled out on 26 April.

iPhone and iPad users with the latest version of the mobile operating system will receive prompts to opt out of in-app. Therefore, tracking that monitors their behaviour and share that data with third parties.



This is what you’ll need to do according to Facebook:

App advertisers:

  • Update to Facebook SDK version 8.0 or above
  • Set up conversion events in Events Manager
  • Create iOS 14 app install campaigns

Advertisers for Web Events:

  • Verify website domain in Facebook Business Manager
  • Set up to 8 web events per domain
  • Review ad/ ad sets that will potentially be paused and update them

A comprehensive list of steps is available here.

Google auto-applied recommendations

Google has announced the official launch of auto-applied Google Ads recommendations.

Advertisers have the option to apply recommendations automatically.

Should you do it?

According to Google, auto-applied recommendations will improve Cambodia Phone Number List account performance and help you save time. But do take note that some of the recommendations may not actually improve your account performance – we love bots but there are definitely limitations.

In the event that you do decide to turn on auto-applied recommendations, take note of the following:

  • Auto-applying recommendations will not increase your budget so you’ll need to continually review the recommendations page to ensure there is no budget limitation
  • Your bids and strategies can change

That’s all the updates we have for now! As the top digital marketing company in Singapore, we aim to bring you the latest updates. Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s round up!

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