Digital Marketing Round-Up: The Top News in March 2021

Welcome back to our Digital Marketing round-up series where we summarise the top news each month! Here’s what going on in March 2021.

Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram rolled out Live Rooms, where users can go live with up to three people! Previously, users can only go live with only one other person in stream.


This opens the door for more alternative creative opportunities in times of the pandemic, including starting a talk show, hosting a jam session or basically co-creating with other artists/ businesses.


A slew of interactive features, such as Shopping and Live Fundraisers are made available on Live Rooms, offering more ways for users to build a business and generate revenue.

Read more here.

Retiring tCPA and tROAS bidding strategies

Google will be retiring Target CPA (tCPA) and Target ROAS (tROAS) bidding strategies. Instead, it’ll be replaced Colombia Phone Number List with Maximise Conversions and Maximise Conversions Value, with a tCPA and tROAS threshold respectively.


Does this mean the end of tCPA and tROAS bidding? Not according to Google! In fact, this approach is meant to help advertisers get more aggressive in driving revenue and lowering CPAs.

Find out more here.

Google My Business Review Removal Tool

Yaaaas the tool all businesses have been waiting for is finally here.

Google My Business launched a new tool where you can see reviews for your business and report those reviews for policy violations. What’s even better is that you can check the status or reviews that you’ve already reported!


It’s still in its beta stage and doesn’t seem to work too well for businesses with many locations and reviews, but nevertheless, still a useful tool.

Check it out here!


  • Instagram is upgrading its Livestreams to Live Rooms
  • Google is retiring tCPA and tROAS bidding strategies
  • New Google My Business Review tool

We hope you found this useful! See you in next month’s digital marketing round up

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