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Content marketers have so many questions and hesitations during their day. Did I include the target keywords in the text and title frequently enough. Did that guest blogger really write that piece? Or did they pull all of the copy from another site and try to pitch it as their own? Is this blog long enough. Too long? Is this too tough for my readers to understand. All of these questions and more are on a content marketing professional’s mind every day.

SEMrush has analyzed more than 6,000 articles using the SEO Writing Assistant tool to. Determine the preferences of content gurus. This research helps you to take a look at the best practices in the world of content marketing. Not from the theoretical side, but in how people are actually creating and optimizing their content.

The SEO Writing Assistant Tool is a Google Docs add-on and a. WordPress extension that can quickly analyze any text online. It gives you information about keywords targeted. How well the post is optimized for them, word count, readability score, and plagiarism hits by providing recommendations for content optimization based on best-performing articles in Google’s top-10 for given keywords in a given location.

Using Keywords 

The first thing you want to do before you start writing is to determine the keywords you want your content to be shown for in Google. According to our study, editors use an average of two target keywords in their articles, with at least one of them in the title. Still, a large number of content writers—more than 50% of editors using the SEO Writing Assistant tool—don’t fully understand the importance of having more than one keyword in their text.

Optimizing your article for more than just one keyword gives you an opportunity to appear in searches for more than one query. Avoid creating different texts for each search query—this is an old-school SEO practice.

The optimal number of target keywords recommended for use in articles is 15. It can really help to maximize the visibility of your content. It is worth noting that more than 95% of SEO Writing Assistant’s users followed the tool’s recommendations to increase the number of relevant keywords. This indicates that the world of content Costa Rica Phone Number marketing has begun to trust online tools.

Targeting Devices and Locations

Costa Rica Phone Numbers
Costa Rica Phone Numbers

Another critical decision to make is on which devices and locations you want to promote your content. Depending on whether you need to promote your content on mobile or desktop, your strategy will change. Because for the same keywords on different devices, you can see different articles at the top of the Google search engine results page or SERP. The same goes for locations.

You should always tailor your text to specific devices and cities to win the battle for the top spot in the SERPs. Our study revealed that more than 65% of editors prefer to target their content in specific regions, or even cities, rather than countries. Unfortunately, only 3% of recipients chose a mobile device. This is a lost opportunity. After all, more than half of global traffic comes from mobile devices.

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