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The first of these, from 1997, is the starting point for the book The Bezos Letters , a compilation in which the writer Steve Anderson breaks down the four phases of an entrepreneur to build a global giant like Amazon from scratch. Next, from EUDE Business School we bring you the phases that explain the creation of this organization. Jeff Bezos phases to build Amazon Test In this first phase, Bezos highlights the importance of testing the market before embarking on a business.

Therefore, it is necessary to know if the business model is reproducible and generates interest in your target audience. To do this, it is necessary to test on the market itself, prototypes or the launch of minimum viable products can be a good Croatia phone numbers starting point to find out how valid the idea is in the market. build This second phase begins when the business model is tested and fully operational. In this sense, it is necessary to develop the bases to satisfy the current demand and to be able to face the demand of the future.

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This is where it is necessary to develop the foundations to meet. Current demand and be able to meet future demand. In the case of amazon, bezos directed. His efforts towards the customer, developing search algorithms that improve the user experience. Establishing fluid communication channels or personalizing the offer for each customer. Speed up. A viable business model and a loyal customer base that enable sustained growth is all that is needed to. Launch this third phase of bezos’s strategy to build amazon. From his point of view, the first step to accelerate the growth of a company. The leadership review.

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Not every founder will be a good ceo when the company grows. So you need to reflect on whether you are qualified to take your company to the next level. Scale. This is the last phase and perhaps one of the most important, although it is difficult for your company. To reach the numbers of amazon, if you reach this point you may be able to carve out a niche for yourself. Among the leaders in the sector. Of course, for that it is necessary that the previous. Phases have been successfully completed. Otherwise, the business model could present certain difficulties.

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For this reason, it is important in this phase to firmly maintain the internal culture and unity in an environment of great pressure and distance between its employees. Starting and taking charge of your own business is one of the riskiest steps. Nowadays, the new environment and the competitiveness between companies has caused business leaders to present a series of skills. Given this situation, at EUDE Business School we have an MBA program, through which you can acquire all the knowledge to develop a business model from scratch.

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