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We not only had the chance to have Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz.org, on a Revenue Master webinar, Improving Campaign Results with Search Marketing and Social Media, we were able to discuss some SEO in a sit-down interview.

Read Below for Some Quick

Search marketing advice, or watch the video.

  • Pay attention to search. Search marketing has become increasingly popular in lead generation due to the act itself. The activity of search shows how strong a lead is interested in your product or service. (When it comes to lead scoring, Marketo gives a high score of 20 points when a lead searches “Marketo” because it shows intent.)
  • Make sure you have have specific links you can share. While Web 2.0 and quick screen refreshes has been useful for the browser and provide a unique user experience, it can be dangerous for SEO. The URL stays the same while new content refreshes. This is bad because there is no way Google can crawl that information and the URLs that are associated with the changing content. Make sure you have an alternative method for Google and other engines to find your content.
  • Generating Link popularity for B2B is hard, but not impossible. Most B2B sites only think about the product they need to Kuwait Phone Number market, when it should be around the brand. You have to build a brand that receives attention.

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