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Electronic commerce is the business model based on the transactions of products and services in electronic media, whether in social networks or on websites. Edgar Higuerey June 1, 19 | 17 min read electronic commerce Electronic commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in different corners of the world, and Latin America is a very good example of this. At the end of 2019, the expansion of sales through digital channels could increase by 15.7% in the region, compared to the figures for 2018, according to statistics from the World Electronic Commerce Index, cited by América Retail .


This is mainly due to the undeniable growth in

Internet penetration and the use of social networks. And it is that, for example, in the region there are more than 300 million Facebook users. Imagine phone number lists for sale that your brand can reach part of that great community! Amazing, isn’t it? Given this reality, it is important that your company really achieves digital transformation so that it takes full advantage of this thriving sector. For that reason, today we want to help you learn much more about e-commerce, specifically aspects such as its definition, characteristics, utilities, history, types and best platforms , among others.

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So how about we start by talking about

What eCommerce itself is? Continue reading! Download this content leaving your email below Leave your email here Don’t worry, we are not spam. What is What are the characteristics of electronic commerce? What is electronic commerce for? What is the history of  What are the benefits of  What types of electronic commerce exist? What are the best eCommerce platforms? How to build an e-commerce store? How does Digital Marketing for Electronic Commerce work?

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