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In fact, the latest october data from the digital 2020 report prepared by hootsuite. We are social reveals that 89% of people visited a store’s website and 79% made a purchase online. This demonstrates and encourages consumers to turn to brands’ social networks to learn more. About their products and to purchase directly through them, showing the potential value of social commerce. Why is it important for your business? 4 benefits of social commerce. The power of now consumers are sure of what they want, and not only that, they want it now.

To keep up with this pace and be able to meet the needs of consumers. Companies continually launch new promotions and discounts, thus creating Poland phone number a very frenetic customer. Business relationship. Through social commerce this effect is maximized. Because through social networks the consumer receives all the necessary information about the promotions. Their favorite brands. Products and adapted advertising unlike e-commerce that recommends. Products to its visitors based on their cookies or previously visited products, with social commerce. You can adapt a product to what users want much more precisely.

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Visiting fan profiles and learning about their likes and interests provides the business with a lot of very specific information that will help them improve, change or modify their services/products to suit their consumers. Create exclusivity Users spend most of their time on social networks, they communicate not only with other people, but also with brands. So what better means for a purchase process than a place where they are sure to be? They all want to feel a part of something and they all want exclusivity. A brand can create that exclusivity by launching unique campaigns for that social network, limited products or similar. Social Proof Effect Consumers in general tend to prefer to buy what others recommend.

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Surely it has happened to you too, you were looking for something and you have asked your friends or acquaintances on Facebook or Twitter for their opinion, and you have based on their experiences to decide for your own. With our Specialty in E-commerce you will become a true digital business professional. Through the analysis of electronic commerce, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to lead and manage sales projects on the Internet .

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Using it will help you visualize your customer information, the value propositions you offer, through which channels and how your company makes money. Furthermore, you can use the Canvas model to not only understand your own business model, but also that of your competitors. This methodology has a number of characteristics: The first thing to say is that it is a fully validated method since 2010 worldwide. It helps to align the business or project idea with those involved; that is, speak the same language.

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