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13 Essential Digital Marketing Metrics for Success

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Digital marketing metrics are statistical data that give you. Information about a particular strategy and how close it is to the goals you set before executing it.


In digital marketing , perhaps one of the most useful benefits. For your company or brand is the possibility of measuring in real time how effective your campaigns. Are and verifying their long-term profitability


Thanks to the different platforms that can be use in online marketing. There are many metrics that you can use. Each of them tells you how specific aspects of your campaigns are responding to help you make decisions and improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

Below we will show you very useful indicators to determine the success of your marketing actions when attracting and converting leads into effective customers.

Digital Marketing Metrics You Should Keep in Mind

Thus, you must bear in mind that not all the indicators will provide you with useful data to know if your company is achieving its objectives.

For example, vanity metrics (followers, likes, views, ad impressions) aren’t really that useful if you want tangible sales results.

Therefore, Below we present different digital marketing metrics Spain Phone Number and in which cases they can help measure the performance of your campaigns.

General profitability metrics for your campaigns

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Measuring the overall profitability of your campaigns is the first step in discovering how effective your digital marketing strategy is.

Therefore, The metrics that we share with you can be very useful for. CEOs and marketing managers, since they present the economic. Performance of your strategies and give you an overview of what aspects need to be improved. To increase the profitability of your business.


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