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Having examples of digital marketing objectives at hand can be very useful for your company, as they will help you draw up strategies that really give you favorable sales results.

Without a clear goal, your digital marketing actions can go astray and cost you a lot of money.

In this article we will share practical examples that you need to be able to apply highly effective digital marketing objectives for your company.

10 Examples of SMART Digital Marketing Goals

Each company is different, so having different target options at hand can help better direct marketing strategies according to the expectations you have for your business.

A highly specialized digital marketing Singapore Phone Number agency is sure to apply some of these SMART goals, so don’t miss the opportunity to replicate them in your marketing plan.




1. Reduce Cost per Lead (CPL) by 5% in 1 year

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The cost per lead is one of the metrics that allows you to evaluate the profitability of your marketing strategies. That is, the CPL calculates how much money it is costing your company to generate leads through digital marketing.


This information is important because if your. Cost per Lead is higher than the Lifetime Value (which we will talk about later). It is possible that your company is losing money.

Reducing a percentage of your cost per lead will help you improve. Your profit margin on each of your marketing campaigns . But, achieving this goal may not be as simple as it seems.

Therefore, you must adapt this example of a SMART objective to the realistic context of your company. Thus, reducing the cost per lead of your company by 5% for 1 year can be an achievable goal.

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