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The impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had on the events industry was brutal. The big corporate events, fairs and scheduled events of the year had to be cancelled, such as the Mobile World Congress , and even the Tokyo Olympics. The pandemic practically forced all sectors and industry to adapt to a new normality, where distance and socialization rules prevailed, in the midst of one of the most terrible crises. In 2021, the organizers will continue to face a scenario of uncertainty and great caution.

In fact, industry analysts predict that in the future, company events will continue under the concept of digital and hybrid . The great challenge of Afghanistan phone number the sector will be to be able to merge the physical world with the digital one, creating a unique experience for the user. What will corporate events be like in 2021? In 2021, event organizers will continue to face the uncertainty that 2020 represented. According to analysts in the field, they foresee that in the near future, companies will continue under the concept of digital and hybrid. The great challenge of the sector will be to be able to merge the physical world with the digital one.

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According to a study by global dmc partners, only 30 percent of company. Event organizers assured that they will exclusively hold virtual events, to replace physical ones in 2021. In addition, 42 percent point out that the events will be hybrid. Online events. Without a doubt, this will be the trend par excellence in 2021 events. Events carried out through digital platforms or even hybrid events, that is, with a small part of the attendees present. The venue and the rest through platforms.

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On-line. This modality will be a clear trend in business events. Capacity reduction the rules that govern our social life today will be the ones that will. Mark next year’s events, and the reduction in capacity is one of the main characteristics. Small groups and social distance will be protagonists in 2021. Use of new technologies. New technologies have revolutionized the events sector, they have become an essential element and have gone from. Being an extra element to give it a differentiating touch, to being the main axis around which the staging revolves. In this post we give some proposals to incorporate new technologies in your events.

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live experiences Nowadays, those attending an event want something more, they seek to live a unique experience, to feel that they are part of something. Events must reach emotions. These types of experiences will be a trend in both social and business events. At EUDE Business School we believe in the need to be prepared and to know the latest trends and tools available in the market in order to adapt strategies in the face of possible crises and unforeseen events. Learn more about our academic offer and everything we can offer you as one of the leading business schools in the market.

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