Facebook to Merge Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Messaging Platforms

The merge combines WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. In addition, and Instagram’s chat feature into one back-end. While keeping each of the three apps distinctly separate to the user. This update will mix some of the different app’s features together. In addition, allowing new chat options from Messenger in Instagram. It also means that users can speak to each other in the same conversation from different apps.


Why is Facebook implementing this merge?

As early as January last year, Zuckerberg has been talking about the potential benefits of integrating the underlying infrastructure of these apps, saying;  “The first reason I’m excited is moving more to end to end encryption by default in our products”.

It will also add some minor functionality to each app. In addition, such as the addition of Instagram’s . Watch Together’ feature to Messenger. Along with additions like these, the change is largely being billed as an added convenience for users. In addition, who no longer need to remember. Which app they are using for which conversation. All conversations will be accessible on any app.

But Facebook’s primary goals are certainly less focused on functionality, and they have maintained that their main reason for pushing the merger is in fact end-to-end encryption across all platforms.

Why is end-to-end encryption important to Facebook?

Facebook has been under fire for years now regarding poor privacy policies and leaky data protection. Many will remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the titular political consulting firm used user data that should have been confidential to target ads for the 2016 US election.

End-to-end encryption is, in short, a way of making messages readable only to the people in the conversation, and no one else. While these messages are ‘in-transit’ and stored on Facebook’s servers, they are scrambled, so that even if they were accessed illegally, they would be illegible.

Other potential privacy concerns

Merging these apps also gives rise to other privacy concerns Venezuela Phone Number which are less obvious at first glance. For instance, blocked users don’t carry over between apps, even though conversations do. You may block a user on Messenger. In addition, but they’ll still be able to message you. The same conversation thread if they log in through Instagram instead.

This also means that the three apps will run on a shared database. In addition, allowing Facebook to aggregate more personal data from users. And build even more accurate profiles of users through data collection. In addition, if they choose to. When the merge was first announced, it prompted the Irish Data Protection Commission to release a statement reminding Facebook that “ultimately the proposed integration can only occur in the EU if it is capable of meeting all of the requirements of the GDPR.”

What’s more, as the update rolls out, end-to-end encryption won’t actually  implemented yet. As reported by Wired Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, end-to-end encryption “remains on the company’s map,” but could not provide a timeline of when users could expect it to roll out.

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