Find out what a PEST Analysis is and the benefits it brings to companies

The environment in which a business operates can affect it in various ways. The PEST analysis is a tool that allows you to identify external factors and how they can interfere with the evolution of the business. Gabriela Muente May 15, 19 | 5 min read pest analysis There are many factors that can influence the progress of a business, internal and external elements. However, many times the external environment variables are left out. It is for this reason that today we have decided to better explain the PEST analysis, so important and useful for the creation of any strategic marketing planning . Continue with me and discover what a PEST analysis is, its real importance and learn how to do it.


What is a Pest Analysis? A Pest Analysis Also Known as Pestel

Is used to identify the external factors of the business that can influence its development. With external factors we mean political, economic, social and technological conditions phone numbers in spain that can affect a company. That is precisely where its name comes from, from the acronym of these variables. What do you think if we better understand each of these factors? Political The political factors that must be considered is the position of the government leaders before certain attitudes. A clear example in this regard are the taxes that may exist for certain products. Each government can make some changes according to its position regarding certain products .

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In the Political Aspect We Can Also Include Legal Factors

Which for some products may be more rigid than others. Like for example, medicines, cigarettes and drinks. As political-legal factors we can also consider subsidies, labor laws, environmental and safety regulations, etc. Economic In the economic aspect we must consider the economic situation that is going through. Important factors to consider may be the unemployment rate, economic stability or growth, interest rates, inflation, etc. These and other factors are important to the business we are working on. In addition, we must consider that some may have more influence than others depending on the sector in which we are dedicated. even if there is a way to make the processes more efficient.

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