Finding and Creating Joy: What Does Cambodia Phone Number Joy Really Mean?

Cambodia Phone Number
Cambodia Phone Number

Providing impressive customer Cambodia Phone Number support isn’t exactly simple during the best of times, but with the Covid19 pandemic throwing additional uncertainty into the mix, customer Cambodia phone number support agents are facing greater challenges than ever before. This is why the second edition of CX for the Soul. A virtual event series centered around supporting the CX community — focused on Joy. What is it? What is it not? How can you create it for yourself and others? So we called in the experts, plus Aircall’s Customer Success Manager, Flavia Springer, to define and expand on this sometimes-elusive idea of Joy, especially as it relates to our working lives.

For Monte Williams, founder of ALEU, The Leadership Cambodia Phone Number Development Company, Joy is purpose. If you can identify your purpose and your reasoning for it; and you can anchor yourself in that; it opens you up to new opportunities. He encourages others to find purpose in everything they do and live it every day. Monte emphasizes that all leaders have a minimum requirement to lead themselves and the best way to do that is to embrace a personal relationship with themselves.

How Do You Cambodia Phone Number Define Joy?

In its broadest sense, Joy means Cambodia Phone Number having feelings of great pleasure and happiness. Our experts honed down this definition as it related to their personal experiences. Paul Miller, an inspirational clown and the founder of Circus Mojo, kicked off the event with a fun, beginner’s juggling activity using plastic bags. However, this lesson in hand-eye coordination had more to do with Joy than with learning a skill. When learning to juggle, you’re bound to “drop the ball” sometimes, but you can always pick it up and try again. As most of us juggle many balls at once in our lives, it’s essential to brush off the failures, laugh at them, and try again.

As the participants tossed plastic Cambodia Phone Number bags from one hand to the other, Miller explained that people are generally laughing or crying. The role of the clown is to fail at things. Kids love slapstick because the clown plays the fool. He falls down, gets up, and does it again. The more times he does it, we laugh over and over—more robustly each time. Paul encourages us to think about Joy in terms of the things that make us laugh as adults.                  Best database provider | classy database


Understanding the Cambodia Phone Number Common Misperceptions Around Joy

A common misperception that people Cambodia Phone Number hold is they will experience. However, true Joy when they’ve met their life or career goals. It’s easy to connect Joy with predetermined milestones like getting a certain degree or landing that big promotion. When people reach their goals, they usually find that the Joy they expected to have, simply isn’t there. Williams points out that there is a difference between happiness and Joy and related it to the difference between customer service and customer experience. To Williams, and within both situations, he believed that “happiness is transactional; whereas, Joy is relational.

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