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Energy efficiency is a highly topical issue, given the need to make our planet more sustainable. But why is it important? Because it makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ultimate goal is to contain climate change, which is only possible by reducing pollution, so now we are going to explain in more detail what energy efficiency is, how it is regulated and how it is applied. What is energy efficiency? It refers to the use of technologies that require less energy to achieve the same performance or perform the same function. Energy efficiency focuses on the technology, equipment or machinery used in buildings.

Energy saving is based on the way people act to use less energy (for example, using natural light instead of artificial light to reduce electricity consumption). How it is calculated ISO 50001 is one of the main standards for measuring and calculating Germany phone number list energy efficiency, although the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is also widely used . Although these and other systems estimate, mainly, the efficiency in the use of energy according to productivity (that is, they are designed, above all, for companies), in the case of households it is calculated based on the optimum operation of equipment and installations compared to low consumption, which translates, finally, into savings in the payment of bills from energy providers.

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Advantages of Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency provides enormous benefits in different areas: Reduce energy costs in homes and businesses. It therefore reduces production costs, improving the competitiveness of companies. External energy dependence decreases, which in Spain is today over 80%. Increases security of energy supply. The consumption of natural resources. Reduces the deterioration of the environment associated with the exploitation of resources. Reduces the impact of Greenhouse Gases (GHG).

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Our master’s degree in environmental management and technology will specialize. You in all those areas for which, increasingly, organizations feel. More concerned and allocate a large part of their efforts . Thus, becoming an expert in this professional. Field will help you enhance your curriculum vitae and, with it, your professional value in today’s market. This program is carefully designe to train professionals who wish to embark on their path. The field of environmental management, providing them with practical and current training.

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If before the COVID-19 crisis there were some reluctance regarding teleworking, the next normal has eliminated them with a stroke of the pen. Remote productivity has shown its benefits and also its weaknesses. They are part of a totally different conception of work, HR management and talent retention. As have also changed the tools and strategies to deal with the situation. To have guarantees during this transition, smart working is essential. Why? Because it focuses on results and goals, not on hours worked. What happens when employees can have access to all the information systems of the company? That the appearance of new work models such as Smart Working is facilitate.

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