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They then provide an overview with useful links. And finally there is Canada WhatsApp Number List the eye-catching image with a platform sign on which the letters ‘404’ can be read. Top! 11. Albert Heijn Good 404 page – Albert heijn I close this list with the supermarket of the Netherlands (and for a few years also Belgium): Albert Heijn. Their error page is more than complete: The image of a Canada WhatsApp Number List delivery truck with the imprint ‘404’ and the text ‘Oops! We were unable to deliver this page” hooks into the supermarket chain’s delivery services. Two prominent buttons give you the option to either go back to the previous page or to the home page. A range of other useful links encourage the visitor to continue browsing. Well done, Appie!

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404 pages as a safety net in the conversion path There are many Canada WhatsApp Number List reasons why website visitors may see a 404: The server is down. The page has been moved and not redirected. ( Set up a redirect when you give a page a new URL!) The page never existed. The user entered the URL incorrectly. As a website owner, you simply cannot rule out people reaching Canada WhatsApp Number List your 404 page, no matter how hard you try to maintain your website. So take precautions, as the sample websites in this article have done. A visually appealing, easy-to-use 404 page shows your website visitors that you care about their experience and want to keep them on your website.

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A good 404 is a safety net in your conversion path and part Canada WhatsApp Number List of a well thought-out user experience . What is your favorite 404 page? Share your links in the comments section below so any reader can use your input as inspiration for their own website! Creative thinking in a work environment is a challenge. Whether at home or at the office. Your to-do list or the issues Canada WhatsApp Number List of the day soon take over. Therefore: a number of practical tips to start the working day more creatively (without losing effectiveness!). Greetings from… Ramon. Are you also one of those people who thinks that being creative takes time?

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