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What is smart working? Smart working appears as a new work model, being the fusion of teleworking and new technologies . Although smart working is the new. Work methodology that is based on giving the staff of employees all the necessary tools to reach. A maximum level of professional performance anywhere. However, in spain only 27% of companies and businesses. Allow employees to work remotely (according to the latest data from the ine). Thus  very few companies decide to incorporate smart working into their work model. Smart working is a work methodology. Based on trust in the worker, although it is also of great importance. That the staff knows perfectly what their objectives are.

Thus, what smart working intends is not that the worker works. A certain number of hours, but that he meets certain objectives. With our master in human resources. Management and people management, in addition to preparing you as a leader Indonesia phone number list and specialist. The management of human capital and training you to provide global solutions to the needs of recruiting. And retaining personnel, enhance your curriculum vitae and exponentially increase your possibilities. Of insertion and labor improvement. The colombian chamber of electronic commerce (ccce) has. Started its calendar of events, with the first ecommerce suppliers. Fair to be held from march 10 to 12 on the website.

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This meeting aims to promote the activation of businesses with the support of experts in the sector. The free and virtual event features the best providers of eCommerce goods and services on the market , who will help entrepreneurs, merchants and entrepreneurs to get started in eCommerce, strengthen their online businesses and enhance their sales channels. EUDE Business School has had the great opportunity to be invited to the event and actively participate. Fares Kameli, an expert in Marketing and Ecommerce, was in charge of representing the business school with the opening conference of the event.

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However, “You can survive without digital marketing, essential and differentiating reasons. That take you to another level in ecommerce” , which took place at 9:00 am cot. Ecommerce. Suppliers fair for maría fernanda quiñones, executive president of the colombian chamber. However, Of electronic commerce , “In this space entrepreneurs, merchants and businessmen from. Anywhere in the country who are interested in starting or improving their sale of products and. Services through electronic commerce, and expand their relationship with certified suppliers. They will have the opportunity to acquire products and deepen their knowledge about ecommerce”.

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However, One of the most attractive activities of the eCommerce Suppliers. Fair will be the business conferences, where the organization. Estimates that more than 150 networking meetings will be. To establish long-term professional relationships between merchants and exhibitors at the fair. However, From EUDE Business School we thank the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce for their trust in our institution and the opportunity they have given us by being able to participate in this event. We hope to continue collaborating together on future occasions.

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